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Just a Green BulletThis sounds too good to be true, how can the service be FREE? It is true, there is no sign-up fee, no per check fee, no monthly fee or yearly fee, our service is totally paid by the check writer (the fee varies according to what is allowed in each State, usually $15.00-$25.00 per check. And the payee receives full face value of the check.

Just a Green BulletIs it legal to collect the money from someone's bank account? Yes, a check is a promissory note, between two parties, where it is agreed that the Payee has the right to a certam amount of money form the Check Writer, we simply turn the paper check, into an electronic transaction. The check writer should to be notified before writing the check that we will collect our fee electronically, and we provide the tools to do so.

We are regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank, and if this service was not legal, we would not be providing it.

Just a Green BulletDoes the check writer get angry when his or her account is debited? Usually the check writer prefers an electronic debit over a collection letter or a telephone call, and having to submit cash or money order. With Check Collect, the NSF problem Simply goes away without the embarrassment or inconvenience, because writing a check without enough balance is usually an over sight . And because of this service, the check writer will likely remain your customer.

Just a Green BulletWhen does the merchant get paid on collections? We pay the merchants weekly, on all items collected the week prior, not in 30 or 60 days. We have been collecting the majority of NSF checks in 10 days or less.

Just a Green BulletWhat if I don't get many bad checks? With our service, there are no minimums. We welcome small businesses as customers!

Just a Green BulletWhen I get a returned check do I send it to Check Collect? We will have your bank automatically forward all your NSF items to our National Headquarters, this way no time is wasted before collecting your money.

Just a Green BulletIf you do that, how do I know when I have NSF checks in progress? We send you weekly reports, showing all activity (collection in progress and amounts paid). The reports are sent via the U.S. Postal Service or E-mail, which is the preferred method, this way you are notified immediately of any activity.

Just a Green BulletI already have a check service. Most of our present customers had used other collection services, and in most cases, it costs the merchant a part of the profit and alienated the customer. Our service is Free and your customers remain your customers!

Just a Green BulletHow do I get started with Check Collect? Simply Request the Information Package, we will "mail" you a package containing literature, references and the three simple forms to get started immediately.

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