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Everyday 750,000 checks are returned for non-sufficient funds. How many of those are yours?

Just a Green BulletWith Check Collect you will never have to spend your time and Time we save you!money collecting those items again. The best thing about Check Collect is that it is FREE! The customer who bounced the check takes responsibility for the cost of collecting it, not you.

Just a Green BulletHere's how it works. Your bank forwards any returned checks to Check Collect. We enter the check in our database and originate an ACH (electronic debit) for the full amount of the check and a separate electronic debit for our processing fee. The customer who bounced the check bears the cost of collecting it, not you.

Just a Green BulletEach item is clearly identified on the customers bank statement. In addition, we send along an electronic memo (like an E-mail) with each ACH transaction detailing, to the receiving bank, what the ACH amount is for.

Just a Green BulletOur electronic collection process is much faster than the conventional method. Most ACH transactions take only 24 to 48 hours no matter where the bank is located in the United States. And, We take care of NSF checks.under certain conditions, Check Collect can even split the original check amount into smaller amounts so the account can be settled.

Just a Green BulletEach week you receive payment on all checks collected and a report on the status of all checks in the Check Collect system. No more waiting 30 to 60 days for your money. Even your customers will like the program. Bouncing a check is an unpleasant event for everyone. Having to redeem that check with cash, money order, cashier's check or with a trip to a collection agency can be embarrassing. With Check Collect, your customer's check is simply electronically resubmitted. All is handled quickly and confidentially.

Just a Green BulletIt's easy to get started. Simply complete the FAX back form on the back panel to get more information. Once you're ready to put Check Collect to work, all you need to do is complete the Check Collect Agreement, and the Bank Release Form which Money we save you!authorizes your bank to forward returned checks to Check Collect. We will provide your Check Collect point-of-sale signage for you to display so your customers can easily read them.

Just a Green BulletIt's that easy. And you'll never have to worry about collecting returned checks again. Check Collect users receive signage like this example that spells out a check writer's responsibility to honor his check (processing- fee is set by the state).

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