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Don't spend your company's profits to collect NSF checks

Discover the leading edge technology that mechanizes the nationwide collection of NSF checks, at no cost to your firm.

Here is how it works:

-When your customer writes you a check that is dishonored by his bank, your bank will forward the returned check to our processing center (not your business). -The information from the check will be entered into the our data base. -Our center monitors the check writer's account to determine when sufficient funds are available. -Immediately after funds become available, an electronic debit is originated for the full amount of the check and a separate electronic debit for our processing fees. -The recovered funds are electronically credited to your firm's account the following week.

There are no harassing phone calls or threatening letters to your customers. By the way, our system complements any check verification system that you may currently be using and it's FREE. That's right, the check writer pays our processing fees.

If you want to know more about this amazing service, contact our service center at (813) 630-4017 or (888) 901-8911.

Asset Management Solutions, Inc.
6915 North 53rd Street
Tampa, FL 33617
United States

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